For Mestre Paulo Mendes capoeira ist not only a philosophy of life and a cultural movement, but as well a search for his own roots.

Capoeira was created by africans, to defend their liberty. Dispite of the fact, that nothing was written down, the Capiera has very clearly defined rules, which were transmitted oraly. Nothing is to be invented in Capoeira, because she proved herself in practice. From theoretical principles there can only be a technical development.

A Capoeirista has to be smooth, sly, clever and he must always keep in mind, that in Capoeira there are no direct confrontations of strenght. The qualities and abilities of a capoeirista should be: agility, skillfulness, flexability and to defend kicks with the same quickness using all possible resources.

Outside of the roda one should defend ones freedom in every point, be honest to oneself and to others, respect the weak as well as the strong – this should be the orientation in life.