The Orixas in Candomble

Oxóssi – green: Orixa protector of hunting, forest animals and protector of the lost and wild, ferral souls.

signifies that the pupil has found his path to freedom and has started to be guided by it.

Iansa - brown: orixá of the winds, who is very authoritarian and voluptuos.

the pupil already knows, which path he wants to take.

Oxum - yellow: Orixá of the rivers and waterfalls. Calm as a lake and deep as its waters.

means that the pupil is deepening into the roots of his culture and into the knowledge, necessary to maintain his liberty.

Omulú - violet: Orixá who has the ability and power, to transform into different bodies, as well as over sickness and it´s cure.

Guardian of the dead the pupil has already chosen his path and because of his search he has transformed his body into a weapon of liberation even the liberation of his spirit after his death.

Ogum - blue: Orixá of battels on any level of conciousness. his color is marine, which symbolizes his inner strength, wich is maintained in every phase or situation.

in this phase the pupil discovers his creative potential, which makes him get through situations with malícia, greatness and force. It is the time to sharpen the senses for the malícia and danger of the movements and kicks.

Xangô - red: Orixá of the courage, justice and righteousness.

the pupil is able to recognise the part he is playing as a capoeirista. his life is determined by the rules of Capoeira and freedom is his only goal. The struggle to preserve and to pass on his knowledge continues. He becomes part of the ancient tradition. It is the time to proove himself.

Iemanja (Oxaguian) – blue – white: Goddess of the ocean

Contra-Mestre: the follower that stands out the most in the academy,based onthe instructions of the great Masters – men who are compromised with the true story. He has become his own identity but represents and defends his Master in and outside of the roda. White and blue belt.

Oxalá - white: Orixá that reigns over the heaven, not as a physical space, he surrounds the earth. He is a symbol of light and tranquility, as the ground of development. He is the Orixá of time, the supreme lord.

The Phase that a capoeirista only achieves with time and experience. He has already proved himself and he works for the preservation of Capoeira and it´s traditions. His excellent technical level is recognized acknowledged. The capoeirista only reaches thes level an average of ten qears after getting his graduation belt and being constantly active.

Tese are the criteria that the Grupo Cativeiro Capoeira adopts. The capoeirista doesn´t win his graduations, he conquers them with his work. The graduation doesn´t mean that the capoeirista knows everything; the real capoeirista never stops learning.