5. Graduations in capoeira

Originaly graduations in capoiera didn´t exist. The graduations are based on the first capoeira Masters who lived in cities as well as in the countryside and who were personalities/ heroes from Bahia, e.g. like: Manuel Henrique, Besouro Cordao de Ouro, Manoel dos Reis Machado (Mestre Bimba), Valdemar Santana, Pantera Negra, Valdemar da Paixao, Mestre Valdemar da liberdade, Mestre Traira, Mestre Pastinha, Mestre Joao Pequeno, Mestre Canjiquinha, Mestre Joao Grande, Mestre Rafael, Mestre Cobrinha Verde, Alves Franca, Mestre Cobrinha Verde, Mestre Caicara, Mestre Totonho de Maré.

Mestre Bimba himself, who was responsible for the first capoeira academy in Brazil, considered a pupil to as graduated, when he knew all 8 sequences of Capoeira Regional da Bahia and the Iúna game (which consists mainly of balao). Following the afro-brazilian tradition and history, Mestre Bimba geve the student a blue silk scarf an after special courses of ambush and specialication he gave them red, qellow and white silk scarves. The highesst graduation-level of a Master in the Capoiera Regional was a white sild scarf or a white belt. The only ones who recieved themaster r title directly from Mestre Bimba were, after Mestre Edinho: Jair Moura, Miranda, Decânio and Edinho himself.

Later in the years of the 70 capoeira was declared, as “national-sport”. To be able, to ralise competition there was introduced greduation in the brazilian Capoiera. Following the oficial system of sports of Brasil the Graduations are based on the colors of the brazilian flagg. other groups used belts and scarts without any connection to the founders of these art, neither the brazilian nor the afro-brazilian culture.

Graduation of the brazilian, the german and the international federation of Capoeira (CBC, DVC, FICA)