Six Capoeira Masters got together to form the G.C.C. These masters were Miguel, Caio, Belisco, Ely, Rodolfo and Sidney.

They are responsible for the excellent technical level that is taught in capoeira schools, festivals and on the street in the state of São Paulo in Brasil.

Because of particular problems, each one of them stopped practicing capoeira, exept Master Miguel.

In the 70´s, during the presidency of Master Miguel capoeira was officially declared a national sport. Throughout the country seminares and discussions were organized in order to establish concepts, rules and criteria to create state and national championships and federations.

Master Miguel was worried about the fact, that the brazilian state tried to force false nationalism among the capoeiristas and make them fit into their concepts of what capoeira was suppose to be:

- the colors of the graduationbelts should be from the brazilian flag

- military criterias and concepts eg: pledge of alliance to the flag before capoeira clases and before starting capoeira rodas on the street.

- Salute the master before begin of a roda eg: in Cutitibaa (Paraná) the black pupils had to kiss the hand of their „master“ to show him respect.

Unfortunately opportunism and slavery continue to exist nowadays in Brasil and there are false masters, angoleiros, professores, intelectuals, teachers und capoeira administrators, who would do any kind of business with the black culture in order to get advantage of it and to enjoy a good life.

Our group fights against these were ever it appears, whenever it is possible in capoeira-schools and centers, in public. The G.C.C. has continued this fight since the 70‘s and our main objectives are to integrate and socialize, in respect of everyones historical, social, economical and cultural caracteristics, regardless of sex, race or creed. And to remember that we should be NOBODY’S CAPTIVE.